Enzymes that are vital for health are combined with fish collagen to provide nutrients that can be easily absorbed by your body
What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are catalysts, mostly protein molecules that carry a vital energy factor needed to enable every chemical action and reaction that occurs in our body. All metabolic processes, every organ, tissue and approximately 100 trillion cells in the body rely on enzymes for detoxification and energy production.

Here are some important activities enzymes are responsible for:
•    Energy production
•    Breaking down fats in your blood, regulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels
•    Food digestion, nutrient delivery and absorption
•    Initiate metabolism
•    Making DNA
•    Blood purification as they carry away waste
•    Help with cells regeneration
•    Fighting infections and healing wounds
•    Slowing the aging process 
•    Support the nervous, endocrine and circulatory system

Recommended dosage: 25ml per serving
Why should I take Enzymes?


The modern diet consists largely of cooked, processed food. Cooking and processing food destroy enzymes. When we eat food depleted of enzymes, the body uses more internal enzymes for digestion, and “steals away” enzymes needed for other bodily functions, thus creating imbalance which leads to health issues. When the body is unable to completely digest cooked food, the undigested by-products are deposited as fats and create toxicity. As long as we eat enzyme deficient cooked food, we will always need enzyme supplementation to aid digestion, deliver the nutrients and eliminate the waste. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, providing assistance to an enzyme depleted body will help improve your health.


Some other causes of enzyme depletion:
•    Cooking food at high temperatures
•    Pesticides and chemicals
•    Growth hormone injections in the meat we eat
•    Stress
•    Radiation and electromagnetic fields 


Signs of Enzymes Deficiency:

• Over or underweight
• Fatigue, low energy
• Headache, brain fog, mood swings
• Indigestion, constipation, bloating after meals

• Muscle stiffness or joint aches
• Allergies, eczema, rashes, acne

Benefits of taking Rich Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus:
• Breaks down fats
• Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides levels
• Enhances mental capacity
• Cleanses your colon
• Improves aging skin
• Helps constipation and digestive health

• Improves sleep quality

• Strengthens your immune system 

1 Serving of Enzyme Factor is equivalent to 1kg of fruits & vegetables

Enzyme Supplementation - Anti-aging

Supplementing digestive enzymes helps your body get the necessary nutrients for optimal health.  When your body’s enzymes are depleted, your energy and vitality drop and you feel like you are “growing old”. Many researchers now view the aging process as your enzyme potential decreasing. You can slow this aging process by replenishing your body’s enzymes. Start early for quicker restoration of your vitality.

Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus offers enzymes created from over 100 specially selected un-cut fruits and vegetables, Okinawa brown sugar, proprietary yeast cultures, and allowed to ferment for over 1000 days. No water or any other ingredients are added. You get a pure blend of undiluted plant enzymes phytonutrients and anti-oxidants from nature’s best superfoods to replenish your body.

Enzymes are Essential for Nutrition


The digestive system does not absorb food – rather it absorbs nutrients. Digestive enzymes are needed to break down food into nutrients that the cells can absorb. Your body cannot benefit from all the healthy food you eat unless there is good digestion. Digestion is the priority in your body, without which you would be deprived of nutrients necessary for healthy living.



Collagen is a group of proteins that connect and support other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, and cartilage. It also supports internal organs and is even present in teeth. Collagen makes up 30% of the 100,000 types of proteins that exist in the human body.

Why should I take Collagen?


From 25 years old onwards, our bodies start to produce less collagen, and hence a highly absorbable source of collagen is desirable. Lack of collagen creates the following health problems: wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss, high blood pressure, bone loss, Arthritis, farsightedness, Atherosclerosis, etc.

Why Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus?


•    Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus uses fish derived collagen which has much lower molecular weight than collagen from pigskin. Collagen is only absorbed after it has been broken down into peptides by digestive enzymes. Thus, the collagen in Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus is seven times more capable of being absorbed.

•    Enzyme Factor Collagen Plus ensures maximum absorption of collagen with our unique combination of fish collagen and enzymes.


Benefits of Collagen – Anti-aging


• Increase bone density

• Hair growth 

• Eliminate joint pain

• Revitalize and nourish skin

• Enhance breast

• Relieve constipation

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