The lower back pain that is a pain in the butt

22 Mar 2017

Many clients come for massage therapy to treat low back problem. And evidence suggests that it works! Over 20 years of studies and scientific evidence have built up the conclusion that massage therapy does work for low back pain. 



Dr Andrea Furlan* MD PhD did a review on massage for low back pain and this was her conclusion: “In summary, massage might be beneficial for patients with subacute (lasting four to 12 weeks) and chronic (lasting longer than 12 weeks) non-specific low-back pain, especially when combined with exercises and education.“


The sport above your butt

The perfect massage spot for treating lower back pain is so low that it is not even on the back; it is the spot right above your butt. Skilled massage therapists work on this trouble making trigger point to provide deep, lasting release.



This is helpful to know because most lower back pain scare people as they think the pain is related to some spinal structural issue. More often than not, the lower back pain is the symptom of a sore butt muscle. The butt muscle, known as Gluteus maximus is a massive muscle and it works with the quadriceps for “anti-gravity” movements like walking, climbing and jumping. Trigger points in big muscles tolerate a lot more tension before you start to notice a problem. The subtle ache, fatigue or stiffness can get well established before the pain manifests. So out of nowhere, you may suddenly experience acute and worrisome back pain. Experienced massage therapists can handle such cases very comfortably and successfully.


There are client with sacroiliac joint issues. Such cases should be referred to Chiropractic doctors who are spinal alignment specialists or an MD. However, before you freak out at lower backaches, do come try our massages as we have done over a million massages and know that pain in the butt pretty well.


If you need lower back pain relief, check out our massage therapies here.



*Dr. Andrea Furlan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto and staff physician and scientist.


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