How does Indiba RadioFrequency give you Better Skin?

13 Apr 2017

IPL, radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser……you’ve heard them being spun around in the beauty industry with promises of younger, firmer, tighter more radiant skin.  We’ll explain how radiofrequency gives you better skin here.


Delivering heat to skin’s underlying tissue is proven to be very effective in bringing about changes that makes it appear firmer, younger and healthier. This is because collagen naturally tightens when it is heated to a high enough temperature.  And if you heat it repeatedly over a period of time, it will produce even more giving your skin a firmer, tighter, younger appearance. It can even reduce the appearance of pore size and acne scars. This is because as the skin regenerates collagen, it tightens thus reducing the depth of pores and scars.


IPL, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and laser are just different ways of delivering heat to the underlying layers. While it might be good to deliver heat to the deeper layers of skin, too much heat in the upper layers of skin leads to burns and other problems. Radiofrequency when done well is effective to heat up deeper layers without burning the skin surface. It is like cooking food in a microwave where the energy penetrates the surface and the heat reaches in the interior to heat up the food.  So while your food is being cooked in the inside (skin’s deeper layers), the surface remains unburnt.



Radiofrequency is not a new technology, it has been around for more than 30 years to mainly to treat arthritic joints and pain and other medical conditions. Indiba has fine-tuned this technology to a beautiful balance such that it is able to elicit cells to improve their ionic exchange to bring about positive changes for recovery and skin rejuvenation. Indiba claims that collagen formed with its treatment aligns in a “neat” manner such that it forms a stronger structure that does not “collapse” over time. There are other ways of using heat to increase collagen production, but there runs a risk that new collagen formed becomes tangled and that “misalignment” becomes more apparent over time as skin begins to show signs of a poorly formed underlying structure.


Don't risk it. Use Indiba technology for your skin. 


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