How to prevent saggy skin?

19 May 2017

With age, fine lines appear and skin loses its elasticity. This is due to the decline in collagen and elastin protein levels as they cause the muscle tone of your face to weaken. Aside from staying hydrated, watching out on your diet and incorporating proper skin care routine to combat aging, what else can you do?


Do you know that your face is made up of 43 muscles? Just like any part of your body, muscles weaken when you fail to exercise. Your skin loses firmness and starts to sag when facial muscles lose their tone and strength.


Your facial contours and shape are defined by how well your facial muscles are able to hold your skin. As facial muscles are closely connected to your skin and bones, any weakening of muscles can be easily visible.


The loss of muscle tone becomes more obvious as you age since the fatty tissue under your skin also diminishes with time. Your face appears shrunken, causing you to look even more tired and haggard.


Therefore, it is clear that starting a regular facial exercise routine is necessary to maintain your youth. With the use of technology, we can help you to exercise your face is a systematic and more efficient manner for faster results!



Introducing our ACE Face Shaper, a premium facial utilizing advanced technology to exercise deeper facial muscles to address drooping or sagging to give the lifted look.


The Electrical Muscle Stimulation done during this facial delivers specific exercises to the muscles to firm and tone for the youthful V-shape. At the same time, these exercises also increase muscular metabolism to improve detoxification.

Electro ultra-pulse–poration enables collagen and serums to penetrate cells for maximum absorption to hydrate and nourish to plump up skin to reduce fine lines or wrinkles.

This facial gives the perfect finishing touch with LED light at specific wavelength to promote collagen production to give the glow and long lasting radiance. Results are immediately noticeable. 


Call us today to witness the results for yourself.

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