Elements Ginseng Meridian Healing Therapy

2 Oct 2017

Go Deeper Than Before


Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy (EGMT) is an active release technique that relieves tight muscles and trigger points. It removes stagnant “Qi” and activates “dull” or injured muscles. It reaches deep layers that conventional massage treatments do not. Provides deep release, detoxification and improved energy levels.

We’ve all experienced that stubborn dull deep ache that seems unreachable. EGMT uses a special set of Buffalo Horn tools to reach deep levels of muscles to work on scar tissues and fascia restrictions. At the same time, we work on stimulating meridians to remove stagnant “Qi” (energy) that causes fatigue and other health problems.

This unique treatment combines TCM Meridian know-how and Western Medicine’s study of muscles and bones to manipulate acupoints, meridians, soft tissues and muscles. It preserves your health while relieving aches.

Ginseng the super herb is used in this treatment to improve mental performance and your ability to withstand stress. The treatment concludes with TCM blend of herbal oils to improve your lymphatic detoxification.

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